Airbnb and Cuba: Connecting people and generating economic opportunity

In April 2015, we were excited to welcome the Cuban people to our global community. For the first time in decades, licensed American travelers were able to break bread with Cuban hosts around kitchen tables throughout the island. Since then, thousands of Cuban households have directly benefitted from their newfound access to Airbnb’s global network of travelers:

In just over two years, hosts in Cuba have earned nearly $40 million.

The report summarizes the growth of the Airbnb community in Cuba and offers insights into how Cuban households have been empowered by the chance to earn income experience entrepreneurship, sometimes for the first time; and share their space, culture and community with travelers from around the world.

Airbnb in Cuba: By the numbers



Guest arrivals in Cuban homes since April 2, 2015


Average guest arrivals per month in 2017


Airbnb listings spread across 70 different cities and towns

$40 million

Paid to Cubans for sharing their homes, since April 2015


Average amount paid per booking to a Cuban host


Average annual Airbnb income for a Cuban host

33 nights

Average number of nights Cuban hosts share their space per year

43 years old

Average age of Cuban hosts


Of Cuban Airbnb hosts are women


Full report here

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