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Airbnb, the 17th district and Neighbors’ Day unite to promote neighborly practices in Paris

Committed to healthy tourism, Airbnb, the 17th district and Neighbors’ Day (La Fête des voisins) decided to form a new partnership to promote good neighborly practices in Parisian districts. Last year, the 17th district welcomed nearly 120,000 guests on Airbnb. These guests were able to benefit from everything that makes its neighborhoods unique,  from the traditional tourist areas of the capital.

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This  partnership has several objectives:

  • Strengthen social ties at the level of each building, each street and each neighborhood through the organization of meetups between neighbors
  • Share the rules of ‘good neighbor’ policy  within the Airbnb community through awareness actions
  • Set up a role of mediation for building managers  to promote harmonious living between hosts, guests and their neighbors
  • Promote host recommendations to guests  across the district: local shops, markets, restaurants, parks…

We are proud to see the Airbnb community commit to a form of tourism that is always more responsible and in favor of welcoming guests that are respectful of Parisian neighborhoods.

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Have a look at the pictures of the event

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