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Meet Greg: Hosting helps spread the economic benefits of tourism to his local community

Greg is a photographer from Petersham and started home sharing two years ago. His passion for photography grew from a great love of the visual arts. The extra money he’s earned as a host has helped him offset his reduced income as a photographer in the publishing industry during its downturn.

“I decided to start hosting because the work I’d been doing in the publishing industry had started to dry up and I needed to supplement that income. The other reason I started hosting is that I really enjoy meeting other people, especially from other countries and different cultures.”
“My daughter is involved in hosting and also enjoys meeting people from different parts of the world. All of our guests are a constant stream of new ideas and culture for her which is an important part of her education. I think that’s very important – to experience other cultures, other ideas. – It’s an important part of growing up.”

“My family interacts with other families through hosting because one of our spaces has enough room for a small family -, it’s great for us to have that sort of contact as well.”

Greg also helps spread the economic benefits of tourism to his local community by bringing visitors to Petersham that would not otherwise stay in the area, and through recommending local businesses like Greg’s favourite shop – the Aracella Fresh Market for local produce and groceries.

“The neighbourhood benefits from home-sharing because it widens the range of people that are around businesses and it brings income into the community, which is very important for a lot of people.”

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