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Meet Leslie, a Brit using Airbnb to see more of the UK

With London Autumn Culture Season well underway, it’s clear that guests are using the Airbnb platform not only to get around and see more of the country but to take advantage of cultural events near and far.

This year alone, Leslie, a guest using Airbnb for the past year and a half, has been to Liverpool, London and Brighton. Each trip held its own significance, but her visit to London was to take advantage of a new exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She and her partner often venture down to Brighton, where on their most recent trip, celebrated Pride.

Leslie’s not done travelling just yet either, she’ll be trekking off to explore Manchester next. Her travel activity mirrors what we’re seeing among national trends in the United Kingdom, which finds 53% of guests using Airbnb are starting their trip right here in the UK. It’s a reminder of how Airbnb is helping diversify travel across the country.

Watch to see how Airbnb is enabling more people like Leslie to take advantage of “staycations” and see more of the sights closer to home.

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