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Find out more about the new notification obligation in Amsterdam

On October 1, 2017, a notification obligation for private vacation rentals will come into force in Amsterdam.

The City of Amsterdam has compiled an FAQ* about the new notification obligation. We have highlighted some important things about this new legislation, to help you understand whether this notification obligation may affect you as a host:

Who does this new notification obligation apply to?
The new notification obligation in the City of Amsterdam only applies to hosts sharing their entire home. Hosts sharing a private room are subject to a different set of rules. You can read more about the current legislation for renting out a private room and other exceptions on the City of Amsterdam’s website*.

How do you notify the City of Amsterdam?
As of September 30, the online system to notify should be available on the City of Amsterdam’s website*.

Where do I find more information about this notification obligation?
The city of Amsterdam has published an FAQ* about the new notification obligation for private vacation rentals. You can find more information about sharing your entire home in Amsterdam on the City of Amsterdam’s website. Any unanswered questions can be addressed to the City of Amsterdam via telephone on 14 020.

Is the Airbnb platform involved in the process of this notification obligation?
No, this notification obligation is an initiative of the City of Amsterdam.

* Please note: the links to the relevant articles on the website of the City of Amsterdam are only available in Dutch.

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