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Javier, host: “Sharing my home has been very beneficial for me, and I want it to be beneficial for Seville, too, my hometown”


Javier is one of the thousands of Andalusian hosts who share their home with travellers. In his home, in the Seville neighbourhood of San Lorenzo, travellers meet his adopted cat, Chiqui, and have yet another surprise: Javier is a brother in the Brotherhood of “The Exaltation” and a great source of knowledge about Seville’s Holy Week.

One of my first guests was a teacher from Valencia who wanted to experience the Holy Week as any resident would. So, I took him to walk in processions with me as I explained the city’s history and our traditions to him. He liked it so much that ever since he’s been coming to my home every year“.

Javier was affected by the economic crisis in Spain, and at almost 50 years of age, finding a steady job was very difficult. Sharing two empty rooms in his home helped him get by. “But this has not only helped me. I want it to be beneficial for my city, too. I want to help make Seville a greener city, and try to get my guests to recycle or to use bicycles. I also recommend my neighbourhood bars and favourite shops to them so that the benefits of tourism reach everyone“.

I want to help make Seville a greener city, and try to get my guests to recycle or to use bicycles.

For the past two years, Javier has also participated in the Association of Neighbours and Hosts of Andalusia (VEAN). “We citizens got organized so that the activity of home sharing and the positive impact it has on cities is known. We have also provided information to hosts so that they know how to sign up and comply with the Andalusian regulations. In some cases this process is slow, and it can become complicated, but we expect the local Authorities to work in order to speed this up“.

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